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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Girls poop, here’s proof

Name: Luke Age (at the time): 21 One night a friend asked me if I wanted to head into NYC for a night of drinking with some girls he knew from… Read More

The Tale of Red Beard Man

Name: CoorsMan Age (at the time): 18 Well this night to remember took place not too long out of high school. As we all know it’s lets get drunk… Read More

Steve gets sh#t faced

Name: Steve Age (at the time): 17 So this story happened a couple years ago. I was in high school, and was kinda seeing some chick. It was New… Read More

Sex’d straight

Name: Jonathan Age (at the time): 25 From the age of 13, being a small German boy, I realized i was gay. On my 18th birthday i also decided that… Read More

Too hammered for the hole

Name: Chris Age (at the time): 22 I had been drinking. Wait, not this night, but it seems that’s how every one of my story starts. She had been… Read More


Golden Shower

Name: Matt Age: A day older than yesterday This is how I started my morning…. Booze in Iraq is not allowed here for both the US military and… Read More


The Air Down There

Name: .45 Age (at the time): Last week Just recently, my girlfriend expressed an interest in bringing other girls into the bedroom. Though I may… Read More


Angry Dragon and Gaggin’

Name: White Chocolate Age: (at the time): 22 First of all I want to say I have been dating this girl for about 3 months, and we have done a lot… Read More


Puking nephews, upset aunts

Name: Andrew Mattson Age (at the time): 16 It was St patties day in a one red light town. I asked my aunt if i could throw a party at her house she… Read More


When Brown Bandits Strike

Name: CK Age: 24 A few years ago we did a pub crawl.  At around the 5th bar we met another group of people who were doing their own pub crawl. … Read More