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  • Is my Girlfriend cheating? 10 CommentsPosted by on August 4, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: James Age (at the time): 24 I have 1 year and half with my girlfriend living with her but i just realise that she sleep before like with 40 guys and she is only 26, what i should do? Im very confused and im just 24 and the girls that i know and had been with m... more
  • Candy needs a diaper 4 CommentsPosted by on August 2, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: RyRy Age (at the time): 17 OK, so my friend is throwing this party for our senior class because..hey we were fucking seniors. anyways, his house is wayyy small and there is only one bathroom that pretty much everyone was using. So I didn't drink much con... more
  • Anal isn’t for everyone 1 CommentsPosted by on July 1, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Tate Age (at the time): 23 So about a year ago I started trying to convince my gf to have anal. She was always kind of shy about it until that one horrible night. We had started the night drinking at a friend's house, and by the time we got home we were stum... more
  • The dirty Rugby slut and the snowballing teamate 5 CommentsPosted by on June 8, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Edit: I have been contacted by students of this school who claim this story is false. Name: Suthern Rugga Age (at the time): 19 I'm a freshmen at Georgia Southern, without a clue what direction im heading in, but I know I want something interesting to spend my sp... more
  • A night of boinking and a barking dog 0 CommentsPosted by on June 1, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Katharine Age (at the time): 18 So I was at this party drinking, and to make a long story short I ended up going home with this guy at the end of the night.The actual "hooking up" part was fine, but he had this little black dog he carried around with him ALL T... more
  • Wrong backdoor ends in arrest 1 CommentsPosted by on May 19, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: John Age (at the time): 17 It was the first party of my senior year and I got hammered. I could not make up such a ridiculous story if I tried. So I'm at this girl's house party. Her name is Julie. I get ridiculously shitfaced until about 11pm when I decid... more
  • Girlfriend takes a shot…in the nose 3 CommentsPosted by on May 12, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Mike Age (at the time): 23 So I met this girl online, and after about 3 dates and talking on the phone a few times, I landed her in bed. To my surprise, and excitement, I learn that she has a huge fellatio fetish, where she'd do it when ever the mood hit her, ... more
  • I don’t snort when I cum 1 CommentsPosted by on April 27, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Tigre Age (at the time): 18 Now I must explain that I partied a lot in high school and I discovered two very important things about myself: I am a lightweight and I make a complete ass of myself when I drink too much. I went to either my first or second par... more
  • I shared my bed with a shag addict 6 CommentsPosted by on April 14, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Dan Age (at the time): 20 I had been sharing a bed with a girl I met at uni for a couple of weeks but not sleeping with her, because I wasn't going to cheat on my future ex-girlfriend, besides it was cold at her house and I was providing a service for her by k... more
  • Two strikes in Venice 1 CommentsPosted by on March 29, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Myers Age (at the time): 20 I have left the country only one time thus far in my young life. It was for annual training for the ARMY Reserves. It was a three week military police training mission in Italy. When we actually got to Italy, it turns out there was ... more
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