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  • The darker side of golf 0 CommentsPosted by on April 22, 2011 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Sara Age (at the time): 27 So my boyfriend and I had a pretty open minded sexual relationship. We were always into trying new things, but I had no idea that a funny porn video I sent him would bite me in the butt. I sent him this video that another friend ha... more
  • Wandering Badly Off Course 2 CommentsPosted by on March 16, 2011 under Regretful Stories
    Name: John Age (at the time): 21 I was excited to move into my new off-campus house at 5350 Maynard Street that September, and moved in quickly to make sure I finished in time for the first big party of the semester. At this party I polished off a fifth of Smirnoff,... more
  • Bottoms up, clothes off 2 CommentsPosted by on December 13, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Winter Age (at the time): 22 Let me start by saying, I don't drink. Ever. I didn't even have a single drink on my 21st birthday. I found out in high school me and alcohol don't mix, and I have no shut off switch, and I drink until I can't drink anymore. Howev... more
  • The brown that didn’t flush down 0 CommentsPosted by on December 9, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: John Savage Age (at the time): 17 I went to this epic party, where I got absolutely hammered. As it started to finish I decided to walk home despite the 3 and and a half miles that separate my friends house from mine. About 2 hours later I finally got home.... more
  • Alexis is not just wet behind the ears 0 CommentsPosted by on November 28, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Alexis Age (at the time): 17 As a freshman in college it was a rule that you move in a week before class started. My roommate had moved in with the rest of us but decided to leave her stuff there and stay at home with her boyfriend until classes started so I h... more
  • 2 girls 1 towel 0 CommentsPosted by on November 15, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Chi Man Age (at the time): 31 The other night I was piling a girl up after a fun night of drinking.  When we were done, she used one of my towels for a quick wipe down and tossed it in the hamper. Fast forward two days later where I end up hooking up with ... more
  • The hair down there 3 CommentsPosted by on October 14, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Alex Age (At the time): 31 At the start of the summer we had a pretty good pub crawl.  As the day got later, and the girl's got drunker, they started wearing less and less clothes.  Once we hit the last bar, a handful of them were grinding every guy that cam... more
  • If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in the family 2 CommentsPosted by on September 14, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Brett Age (at the time): 18 So last year my Dad got remarried to my new stepmom and when they tied the knot, the mom and daughter moved in with us.  So a few months go by and my dad keeps telling me to be nice to this girl, so I invite her to the senior skip ... more
  • Whale hunting 5 CommentsPosted by on August 23, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: MattyY Age (at the time): 22 So I was at the bar one night. Absolutely trashed. I was black out drunk at about midnight. All night i was dancing with girl. I thought she was smoking hot. My buddies kept laughing at me but I didn't care I was going home with th... more
  • Cathy gets two parties 1 CommentsPosted by on August 11, 2010 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Schutz Age (at the time): 23 A bunch of us were out bar hopping last year for some guys birthday. By the time we hit the last bar, everybody was trashed. That is when I spotted her. We will call her Cathy. Cathy was a cute little blonde who had her nose bu... more
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