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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


The darker side of golf

Name: Sara Age (at the time): 27 So my boyfriend and I had a pretty open minded sexual relationship. We were always into trying new things, but… Read More

Wandering Badly Off Course

Name: John Age (at the time): 21 I was excited to move into my new off-campus house at 5350 Maynard Street that September, and moved in quickly… Read More

Bottoms up, clothes off

Name: Winter Age (at the time): 22 Let me start by saying, I don’t drink. Ever. I didn’t even have a single drink on my 21st birthday. I found… Read More

2 girls 1 towel

Name: Chi Man Age (at the time): 31 The other night I was piling a girl up after a fun night of drinking.  When we were done, she used one of my… Read More

The hair down there

Name: Alex Age (At the time): 31 At the start of the summer we had a pretty good pub crawl.  As the day got later, and the girl’s got drunker,… Read More

Whale hunting

Name: MattyY Age (at the time): 22 So I was at the bar one night. Absolutely trashed. I was black out drunk at about midnight. All night i was… Read More

Cathy gets two parties

Name: Schutz Age (at the time): 23 A bunch of us were out bar hopping last year for some guys birthday. By the time we hit the last bar,… Read More

Is my Girlfriend cheating?

Name: James Age (at the time): 24 I have 1 year and half with my girlfriend living with her but i just realise that she sleep before like with 40… Read More

Candy needs a diaper

Name: RyRy Age (at the time): 17 OK, so my friend is throwing this party for our senior class because..hey we were fucking seniors. anyways,… Read More

Anal isn’t for everyone

Name: Tate Age (at the time): 23 So about a year ago I started trying to convince my gf to have anal. She was always kind of shy about it until… Read More

I don’t snort when I cum

Name: Tigre Age (at the time): 18 Now I must explain that I partied a lot in high school and I discovered two very important things about myself:… Read More

Two strikes in Venice

Name: Myers Age (at the time): 20 I have left the country only one time thus far in my young life. It was for annual training for the ARMY… Read More