25 Incredible Instagram Photos of Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald is a 23rd old born and raised Canadian babe. When she’s not getting thousands of likes on her Instagram selfies, she’s busy being featured in popular men’s magazines. Either way, she sure seems to know how to flaunt her out of this world curves, as evident by her over 500k followers.

She doesn’t talk much in the public eye, so not a lot is known about her other than she’s from Toronto, she’s an Aries, and she doesn’t seem to like layers. But with looks like that, who needs words?

See for yourself and follow her on Instagram and like her Facebook page too.

PS: If curves like that are your style, you’ll probably also like Tehmeena Afzal!

Epic Fail Pictures Squeezed Into One Stack (28 Pics)

Some situations or things strike in one’s mind at the first look and only thought that is created in mind is ‘this is so wrong’. There are so many types of situation and so many things that people do wrong.

Some even do things on purpose knowing that this is wrong and don’t even correct it. I will really like to know the psychology behind this, what actually goes on in their mind to make them do so.

A Bundle Of Awesome Things In The World (25 Pics)

Awesomeness is an achievement wished by the commons to feel oneself a little different or just to satisfy self-interest. It can be found in people, their thoughts, art, science, food, scenery, clothes, machinery, action etc.

It mainly depends upon one’s thoughts, to a child his/her musical pony is more awesome than a cheque for 100 billion dollars.

It is impossible to include all the categories but still, we have covered a wide range as per people’s interest of some awesome things in this picture gallery.

Creative Billboard Advertisements Used In Modern Era (18 Pics)

Business has existed from the starting of the human civilization and the advertisement process has developed a lot throughout the years. Nowadays a big part of a business is ‘advertisement’. In the competitive era, Billboards are a popular medium to promote one’s business and to attract customers.

The creativity level to advertise through billboard has raised high than the traditional normal design. This collection shows the level of creativity that is used in the advertising section worldwide.

Unintentional Ironies of Life (28 Pics)

The term ‘Irony’ is a figure of speech where words are used in such manner that their intended meaning is different from the original meaning.

We use the words according to our will and create irony but sometimes the situation of life creates an irony without any human’s particular intention. But sometimes they are not intentional.

You will find such Irony of life in this pictures that are humorous and witty at the same time.

Dubai People Think These Cars As Trash; Rest Of The People Think Otherwise (30 Pics)

The world is familiar with the names like Ferrari, Audi, Mustang, Range Rover etc. People around the whole globe are very fond of these cars and value it with love. Many have a dream car among these brands that they wanna achieve or achieved.

However, for people in Dubai, these cars hold no great value, like these are just some common vehicles. Some of the vintages the world adores and loves to have are left to be rotten like trash.

‘Well That Seems Right-Ish’ (25 Pics)

The stupidest things in life can seem very much right sometimes. To have fun sometimes people do craziest things like flip jumping over a mad bull, river rafting wearing a formal office dress, use your sofa as a boat or pose funny over a statue etc. Well, there is a humor in all which makes one feel these crazy ideas are very satisfactory. This gallery is all about pictures like that.

First Priority Problems Of People That Are Too Ridiculous (22 Pics)

Talk about ridiculous, some people can go beyond any limits set, and some are too unfortunate. We face countless problems in our daily life, some we can solve and some are beyond our reach.

With different habits and choices, our problems differ from person to person; one person might find it as a good laugh where another person is irritated as hell for that. With different habits, interest, and misfortune this gallery holds the ultimate entertainment.

Degenerated Situations Of Drunken People (28 Pics)

Alcohol is not so much health friendly and is also the reason of misfortune of many. Alcohol is one of the top addictive things which might lead a person to his grave slowly and fast both ways.

But still it is a good stress reliever, a drink to celebrate an occasion with everyone and customary drink of many cultures. Alcohol lessens our thinking capacity when drunk which leads us to perform many bizarre situations and incidents which is later regretted.

Alcohol is not so much health friendly and is also the reason of misfortune of many. Alcohol is one of the top addictive things which might lead a person to his grave slowly and fast both ways.

But still it is a good stress reliever, a drink to celebrate an occasion with everyone and customary drink of many cultures. Alcohol lessens our thinking capacity when drunk which leads us to perform many bizarre situations and incidents which is later regretted.

Male Cheerleaders Always Occupy The Best Places (22 Pics)

The idea might sound a little different as cheerleaders are most of the time females, a talk about a male cheerleader creates a hilarious image of boys in shorts.

Reality is totally different than the image let me assure you, they are fully properly dressed and they have a most amazing job to do. Watch the pictures in this gallery you will feel so jealous of the best spots they get.

People Are Creative With Statues, These Pictures Are The Proof (22 Pics)

With the perfect environment, people become a little creative to have fun and express their humor with the surrounding they are in. All the pictures in this gallery have a common theme, statues.

They all looked from a different angle to the statues and merged their own imagination to create a scene which is not the original theme and it’s very funny & creative as hell and you can’t help but praise.

These Girls Will Be Lost Without Their Precious (24 Pics)

Though boys are commonly known to have a knack for the gadgets in this modern age, but girls are no less than the boys as you can see in these pictures.

Technology is an important part of our daily life to that extent where we are unable to feel comfortable without it.

These female personals are the example of the addiction not only by the boys but shared by the girls also at a great rate.

14 Images Of Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects

We all know all the things we see on the screen ain’t real, the magic, superpowers, supernatural elements etc are created with the help of computer graphics.

Though without involving the hardware, plot and actors it cannot be done so, by combining virtual assistance and material things it is only possible to create the magic on screen.

Watch some of the famous scenes of your favorite movies or web series before and after the use of special effects.


Dracula Untold

Game of Thrones

The X-Files


Independence Day Resurgence

Terrible Tattoo Failures: They All Choose A Brand Name (21 Pics)

Tattoo has been famous around the globe from the ancient times with different significance to different cultures. At current times, it is hugely popular to the whole world as an art, hobby, passion etc.

Here we are presenting some of the bizarre choices of tattoo designs which includes a brand name or logo; and according to the opinions of the majority of the people, they are simply awful. I bet some of them really regretted later and modified the design or removed them.

30 Women Bodybuilders That Are Freakishly Bulked Up

Bodybuilding has no gender stereotype and women are as much inclined to build muscles as their counterparts are.

These women have spent countless hours in the gym, training and building up their muscles to scare the shit out of some bulk men as well. Check out some of the best women bodybuilders and their freakishly bulked-up physique.

How 90s Professional Wrestlers Look Like Now (18 Pics)

For every kid back in the 90s and beyond, professional wrestling was their most beloved source of entertainment. Wrestlers such as Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair and others was their fascination and still is for many.

But with more than two decades passing by since then, much have changed. See how our favorite pro wrestlers look like now as compared to their peak days inside the four-squared ring.

Japan: A Land Of Traditions, Cultures, And Weirdness (25 Pics)

We all know Japan is a wonderful place, with all its culture diversities, skyscrapers, festivals, and traditions. But you would be surprised to see some of the people there, who are absolutely not normal.

I mean, yes, it’s quite to be out-of-the-box or see things that are not monotonous, but Japan seems to have taken this notion too seriously. Scroll through these pictures and you’ll see the unusual side of Japan. So, if you ever land there and see these sights, don’t worry. It’s all normal there.

28 Pictures That Will Leave Your Jaw Open

Countless pictures have come and gone, some made an impression, some lasted for a meager duration. But none could last for a long time, none could hold your breath uptight and leave your jaw open in delight.

This gallery comprises the same, a list of images that are fascinatingly insane. Check them out and etch them in your memories.

Girls Who Know How To Be Big-Mouthed (24 Pics)

These girls in this gallery is a combination of both humor and wit. Their pouty big mouthed picture showcases their talent to take things in their mouth with perfection.

This prompts a natural question that is better to skip than an answer. Check out this gallery full of big-mouthed girls taking things in their mouth with precision.

Dude Faces The Wrath of Karma

Karma is a b*tch and this dude faced the brutality that comes with karma after his raucous behavior. He continuously enraged a man on the streets with abuses, prompting the guy to get so irritated that he went ahead to beat the douchebag.

But, the dude retaliated and ran off the scenes only to thrashed by an oncoming car. Surprisingly, he landed on his feet even after that and continued with his abusive language.

30 Images Where People Went Low & Dirty To Have Fun

30 Images Where People Went Low & Dirty To Have Fun

Being a little dirty is not that bad, in fact, to have a laugh and enjoy, dirty thoughts are an essential ingredient. Life is full of tension and seriousness where we barely get some time for ourselves, where mental health is neglected.

So to load off some of that steam, the workloads of office or exam pressure, it is ok to have some dirty thoughts, some different point of views. As the ‘Joker’ once said, “Why so serious?”

In Russia, Bizarre Is The New Convention (30 Pics)

While Vladimir Putin has effortlessly kept the image of Russia strong and firm, some of its residents as seen here are just doing the opposite.

Let’s face it, we all want to ‘be different and stand out’ but the people here have taken this notion quite seriously and to another level!

If you ever visit Russia, don’t be startled if you come across one of these sights or anything similar. It’s quite normal there.

These Pictures Are The Definition of Bad Luck (26 Pics)

People often complaints about their luck how it is not working out for them and how much of a hectic day they had to face. But they always forget that they are not the only one in problems, the whole world has to face them too!

Compared to the problems some individuals face, we might consider ourselves very lucky. We are to be constantly reminded that as we forget. So here are some pictures that will make you feel not so miserable, you might even consider yourself very lucky also after watching them.

20 Simple Tips You Should Follow To Live A Healthier Life From Tomorrow

There are some things in the world we all know that doing this and following that will help us to live life in a better and healthier way.

We all know that proverb, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” or we all should exercise every day or drink enough water, but there are still somethings which we are not aware of but will help us to live a better.

These simple everyday tips is a must for all those who want to live a little healthier life.

Horrific Yet Awesome Things People Do During Halloween (26 Pics)

For some, Halloween is just a holiday to relax or spend time with family, when there is no office, no emails, and no office phone calls. For some, a day to make a short trip and for the rest of the world, Halloween symbolizes something else, something spooky, something ghostlike, something horrible.

It’s one such day when no will scold you for making pranks and scaring others. Now, if you want to see some horrific yet awesome moments of the Halloween day, this is a must-see.

24 WTF Moments That Make You Shake Your Head And Wonder

The expression WTF is among many other expressions that precisely sums up the emotion behind a picture. It is an amalgamation between strange, weird, odd and unexplainable moments.

This awesome combination can be witnessed in this gallery of images. Check each one of these pictures out and prepare to shake your head and wonder what’s wrong with people.

Don’t Bother Understanding These Images (30 Pics)

You know what you call absolutely garbage with no meaning at all? You can see it in this extensive gallery full of incomprehensible pictures that don’t make any sense whatsoever. These dumb pictures in no way make any logic or meaning, so don’t bother attempting to understand them.

27 Cringeworthy And Awkward Pictures

Cringy pictures have in the recent past spread all over the internet because of its popularity among the masses.

This kind of images just makes you from inside feel awkward and rather strange about everything is wrong with this world. Take a peek into this strange world and prepare to feel the cringe with these pictures.

Girls Are The Craziest And Sexiest During Their College Days, Isn’t It? (28 Pics)

No matter how old you grow, when a girl going to college or a college girl walking down from their car, or on a motorcycle in front of your car or in their class, at least for once you stare at them and or assets.

Not all men will drop their balls, but most will and the rest drop their jaws. You agree or not, it is the time when women are funniest, craziest and off course sexiest.

Lies Hidden Behind Candy-Coated Truth (28 Pics)

Nowadays, anything remotely honest that we hear across the globe is eventually found to be a lie. Something which could very likely be a trend, a lie today is taken up as personality assessment of how well you cover up the lie with a candy-coating layer. See some of the most striking images covered with layer design.

A Tribute To Hef

Yesterday the world lost one of the most influential media moguls to ever grace the newsstands.  Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, owner of the famous Playboy Bunny Ranch, and undisputed world champion in banging outside of his age bracket, passed away at the age of 91.

Upon hearing the announcement of Hef’s passing there wasn’t a dry boob in the house.  However, I don’t think anyone is mourning the loss quite so *hard as the folks at Viagra.

A true pioneer in finding ways to get women to take their clothes off the Hef undeniably had a way with the ladies.  If this is what selling your soul looks like I”ll be placing mine on eBay.

Rest in peace, sir.  And thanks for all of those… articles.