Thor Ragnarok Leaked Online A Month Early: Details

If you like to illegally download pirated movies, and you happen to be a fan of big blockbuster movies like Marvels, then you’re in luck! Thanks to a mix up between the two services iTunes and Vudu, a full high definition copy of Thor Ragnarok was available for download to folks who pre-ordered their digital copy.  A user who ran into this mistake/blessing, described it as follows…

“I pre-ordered Thor Ragnarok on Vudu yesterday and it links it to my iTunes also. But curiously it showed up in my iTunes library this morning (pre-orders shouldn’t). And now I can watch the full movie in HD. I obviously downloaded it right away. I know its supposed to come out February 20th.”

So just like that, many people were able to download their copy immediately, for home viewing. And of course, this meant some generous people began the process of removing embedded security code from their files so that they could upload it to torrent sites, and thus give everyone else an easy way of also getting this much-anticipated movie in their homes early. One such group of tech-savvy piraters called EVO, ended up hosting the most pirated version of the file and said…

“More than 10 hours working in a way to remove this f***ing protection finally come to an end. Casualties: 1 account banned. Lol. But it was worth it. Enjoy fellas. Have a good weekend. No VIP required. No pennies needed. All free,”

As we can imagine, Disney is probably not too pleased about this. Thor Ragnarok was a massive hit, both financially and critically. It breathed new life into the Thor franchise, which up until now had been seen as kind of the weaker link in Marvels line up of non-big-team movies. They went a much more colorful, and humor focused route with this entry and it definitely paid off. So if you missed out on the fun and feel a bit brave… you can head to the torrent sites now and see for yourself!

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