WATCH: Man Releases Squirrel Into The Wild: Shocking!


Imagine taking an injured animal into your home, raising like your own beloved pet, nursing it back to health. Then the day comes you must return it to the wild, so it can learn to fend for itself and survive in the real world like it was always meant to. By now you’ve grown a bit attached to the little animal, after days and nights of feeding it, petting it, talking to it. It’s like your little buddy, who wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you. You’re almost like it’s adopted parent now. The cute creature trusts you, respects you; as evident by it’s calm attitude towards you. Other animals of it’s kind are almost never so personable with a human, but this animal knows you so it’s different. You’ve earned it’s trust. As you prepare to release it outside your home, you tell yourself it’ll probably stick around the neighborhood, so this isn’t really goodbye. You set him down on a safe tree nearby, petting and talking to him, trying to ease the transition for him… and then suddenly…

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