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Snake Attacks Moving Motorcycle



I think we can all agree that snakes are pretty much the scariest thing on the planet, and that includes the guy running North Korea. And if you disagree with that statement you are either a snake enthusiast or the guy running North Korea. Either way, your point is invalid and we all think you are a creep.

Have you ever met a person that owns a snake? Don’t you kind of expect to one day find out they killed their own mother and buried her under the front porch?

Some people might say that snakes are docile and just want to be left alone. Well, tell that to the guy riding his motorcycle down the street in good old Thailand that had a massive snake lunge at him as he rode past. Fortunately he was able to barely swerve out of the way. If that were me I would have released a batch of homemade snake repellent in the form of panic induced post digestion. I would have shit myself, that’s what I’m saying here… like a lot… and everywhere.



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