Woman Gets Her Hand Stuck In Her Toilet


You think you’re having a shitty day? Well, I bet it’s not “I have to call 911 to have the fire department come over and get my arm unstuck from my own toilet,” kind of shitty day.


Say hi to Gracie Henderson. Not only is her hand stuck in the same place she sits down to drop a deuce, she’s also using her other hand to carry out her beverage. This woman either has a ton of faith in her toilet cleaner or she regards personal hygiene with the same affection as common sense.

Why is she elbow deep in the shittiest place imaginable? Because her toilet got clogged and she didn’t have a plunger. So, yeah… she used her hand. You have to love the South.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zy_6cy_t5c&w=560&h=314]