Epic Tattoo Fails



A good tattoo can be a thing of beauty, a great tattoo can be pure art. But a really bad tattoo? Those are just awesome. Well, awesome for everyone except the poor schmuck stuck wearing it for the rest of his life.

Here are some epic tattoo fails.

“Katie Bugg” is one ugly baby. 


If that’s what your kid looked like it should have been dropped off of a cliff at birth. Actually, it’s still probably not too late. Drop that thing off of a cliff.

Sweet check list, bro. 


Number four should say, “spelling.” And these aren’t even rules. He’s just listing random nouns.

RIP Mama.


If this tattoo is accurate, Mama is dead because she looked in the mirror and then killed herself.

The Roman War Helmet.


Here’s a guy that always wanted one of his buddies to drape their meat across his face but just never had the courage to ask. It’s even ribbed at the base for his pleasure.

He makes a great point. 


So basically, just always give up. Very inspirational. As long as you’re trying to inspire someone to do absolutely nothing.

Sounds delicious. 


It makes you wonder how she knows. Did she try some? Did she pee on someone else and they were like, “Hey, that is delightful!”?

This guy is committed to his craft. 


Gentlemen, if you’ve ever struggled to unhook a girl’s bra, do not go home with this dude. That thing aint coming off.

forGod So Soved The World…


Yeah, it’s supposed to say “Loved,” and sure, the “f” should be capitalized and maybe there was supposed to be a space between “for” and “God.” But the real question is why did you let a special needs kid draw on your back?



This guy is so extreme he was like, “Yo, f*ck the ‘T,’ I don’t need it. Just combine it with the ‘R.’ Yea, and do that shit with the ‘M’ and the ‘E’ too, bro. I aint that big.”

Bloody awful.


Yup, that’s a bloody tampon with wings tattooed on someone for the rest of their life. Wouldn’t the wings make more sense if it was a maxi pad, though? Either way, it’s gross.



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