Terrifying Easter Photos



Everyone’s parents at some point decided that it would be an adorable idea to bring the kids to the mall and have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. For just a few dollars and half of an afternoon that you will never get back, you got to wait on line with a bunch of other confused children and moody adults only to have to sit on the lap of some random dude dressed liked a giant bunny. What could possibly go wrong?

Here are some terrifying examples of awful Easter Bunny photos.


Not wasting any time, we dive right into the freak show here. It looks like this rabbit plans on robbing the food court on her lunch break.


Honestly I don’t even think this had anything to do with Easter. I’m pretty sure that kid was sacrificed.


If you read yesterday’s post about 10 Fascinating Easter Facts you would have learned that the first Easter Bunny was a pedophile. Well, I found him.


This is the face of a rabbit that has gone… well, rabid.


Are you afraid of rabbits? Are you afraid of clowns? Are you afraid of rabbits that look like clowns? Perfect! Hop on up!


Far worse than the Rabbit PJ’s Aunt Clara made for Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Plus, the sheer disappointment on that kid’s face makes this one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen.


A question for the audience: What’s scarier… the rabbit or the serial killer’s grin on that kid’s face?


This guy auditioned for Cats The Musical 47 times. He’s not even allowed in pet stores anymore.


Apparently not every member of the KKK is too busy with hate speech to celebrate Easter with their terrified and confused daughter. Adorable.


Do not pullover. That guy is definitely going to kill you.



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