United Airlines Kicks The Crap Out Of A Passenger


Customer service is not something most businesses take lightly, unless you work at United Airlines. In that case I would suggest bringing a helmet along with your carry-on luggage for your next flight.

United Airlines apparently overbooked a flight recently and asked for four volunteers to surrender their seats so that airline employees would be able to travel for work. This went over about as well as having to pay to take a dump and nobody budged.

In the spirit of the honey badger, the flight crew decided they didn’t give a shit and brought police on board to forcibly remove passengers. One such unfortunate selection as tribute for the airline hunger games was David Dao, a doctor on his way home to see patients.


Dao apparently “fell and hit his face” while being escorted off the plane, according to authorities.


The doctor sustained minor injuries to his face but it seems the mental toll went much further as he can be heard repeating the phrase, “Just kill me…,” over and over at the end of the video clip.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRhnBsiIjqQ&w=560&h=314]



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