Deer Runs Over Man, Initiates Rap War


A Canadian rapper (yes, they exist) named Cary McCook found out just how real the rap game is the other night when a local deer initiated an absolute wrecking ball declaration of beef… or, rather, venison.

Cory was stepping out of the passenger side of a vehicle when an irate deer came charging through a parking lot with the sole intention of keeping it real. The deer smashed through Cory like an NFL linebacker sending him toppling to the ground, dazed and confused.

At first Cory thought it was an excited fan but then he remembered he’s a Canadian rapper. The incident has not sat well with McCook’s rap crew and they have promised retaliation in a recent song called, “What’s This All Aboot?”

Here’s a video of Corey getting smoked by the deer.



Ig: Seriouslyiampatrick