Woman Gets Her Head Trapped On A N.Y. Subway


It’s not exactly a secret that people can be dicks. In fact, most are not even shy about it. But when a person is in need to help, like say, having their head stuck between the doors of a subway car, you would think someone, anyone, would help. Well, you’d be wrong.

Tuesday afternoon a woman on a New York subway platform attempted to hop on board a train as the doors were closing. She didn’t exactly make it. So what do you think happened next? Yup, someone pulled out a cell phone and recorded the incident rather than helping her out.

Fortunately for the woman trapped, subway cars will not operate if there is a door open.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nPR3_eOl8M&w=560&h=314]



S.C. Patrickulation