Sharknado Is Real… Kind Of.



Whether or not you want to admit it publicly, we’ve all seen the movie Sharknado from the Syfy Network. You know, that movie where sharks are swept up out of the ocean by a tornado and then fly through the air attacking civilians like it was their fault the tornado hit in the first place? Yeah, that movie. Well guess what? That shit really happened in Queensland, Australia the other day… kind of.

Hi, I'm Lenny.

Hi, I’m Lenny.

Meet Lenny. Is that his really name? No, but that’s what I’m calling him. Lenny is a bull shark and that’s not the ocean behind him. It’s a puddle. Cyclone Debbie slammed the coast of Australia on Tuesday with wind gusts up to 160 mph. Strong enough to yank Lenny here from his aquatic living room and drop him dead smack in the middle of town.

Now locals from the town of Ayr, Queensland have been rushing to meet their new celebrity and have even gone as far as touching him for good luck. Does he look lucky to you? Me either. That’s how you know these people are idiots. And we all thought that the guy that came up with the plot for Sharknado was a moron. Nope. The townspeople of Ayr, Queensland get that award.



ig: Seriouslyiampatrick