The Internet Is A Strange Place


When our parents were younger if they wanted to see a midget dressed like Darth Vader engaging in a sex act with a donkey they probably had to travel to Mexico. Or if they wanted to share their expertise with locating that damn elusive Sasquatch a friendly cocktail party was probably the place to be. But thanks to the internet, random fetishes and quirky theories are just a few clicks away. From the odd to the strange and everything in between, the internet is the home to some of the weirdest stuff imaginable and probably why aliens have thus far refused to contact us.

Here’s a list of some of the grossest shit on the Internet.

Zit popping videos.

I honestly don’t get the draw for these. If I wanted a reason to puke I’d finger paint with my own shit.

Guy dressed as a Unicorn playing with a Samurai sword.

This is not normal. In fact, this guy’s dad killed himself right after he watched this. I actually can’t confirm that, but he should have if he didn’t.

People that believe they are vampires.

Twilight they are not. The only thing vampiric about these two is the fact that they suck.

Adult baby fetishes. 


Yeah, there’s video that features this strange lifestyle but this is as far as I was willing to go. You can see actual videos here.

Kerry videos.

Kerry is a guy that dresses like a girl and wears a rubber mask. Oh yeah, he/she never talks. That’s not creepy at all, right?

Booger videos.


This one is up there with the zit videos. I don’t get it and it makes me want to puke. But I guess that’s how our great grandparents felt about rock and roll and look how well that’s worked out.

Fire fart videos.

Finally a video I can get behind. Farts are always funny, especially when you almost light your gooch on fire in the process.



ig: Seriouslyiampatrick

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