Floyd Mayweather has a Pet Tiger and Now You Have Another Reason to Hate Him



Championship Boxer/Woman-beating soulless monster, Floyd Mayweather, was recently filmed in a hotel room struggling to corral his pet tiger. Yes, Floyd Mayweather has a pet tiger, just in case you needed another reason to hate this sorry excuse for a man any more than you already do.

In the video, Mayweather’s tiger pulls his undefeated (and as yet, untested) fuckface of an owner around a hotel room because tigers are wild animals that belong in nature and not paraded around as a trophy of how much money you have, which is something that Mayweather does all the time. You know what else he does all the time? Physically abuse women. Let’s be honest, the two biggest indicators of money and riches that I can think of are owning a tiger, and being so important to the Vegas economy that no prosecutor will touch you even though you regularly and unapologetically beat up women.

Here he is with one of the few opponents he's actually knocked out.

Here he is with one of the few opponents he actually knocked out.

PETA has responded to the video by requesting that Mayweather “be a real champ” by releasing his pet tiger into a proper sanctuary. Mayweather didn’t respond to this request, but we can safely assume that he jacked off onto a pile of money and then kicked the shit out of one of the mothers of his children while wearing a gaudy gold chain and thinking about which competitors he can safely dance around without ever having to actually fight — you know, like inhuman piles of disgusting shit do.

He's also guilty of going full denim. Never go full denim.

He’s also guilty of going full denim. Never go full denim.

This video was filmed during the “Undefeated Tour” in which the “boxer” hosted a series of Q&A sessions about his illustrious career of unremarkable fights, annoying showcases of wealth, and a list of assault charges so long that not even a CVS receipt could hold the details.

And to think, he'd actually have to answer to these charges.

And to think, he’d actually have to answer to these charges.

Recently, Mayweather announced the end of his retirement, and hinted that the long-rumored fight between he and UFC athlete Conor McGregor would finally come to fruition. My advice to McGregor: don’t worry about the rules. Just strangle Mayweather to death and enjoy your parade. The money you make will be more than enough to keep you out of jail, as proven by your newly deceased opponent.

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