Vandals Mad at Brewery For the Dumbest Reason



Minnesota’s new Major League Soccer team is called ”Minnesota United.’ United Crushers Pale Ale is a beer brewed by Surly Brewing Company in celebration of the soccer team’s debut. A while back, an unrelated art collective called ‘The United Crushers’ spray-painted their logo on a grain elevator in Prospect Park, and now they are claiming that the brewery may have seen the image and stolen the collective’s name for the new beer. You know, because theft is a crime and vandalism is not.

"Don't worry, it's legal because YOU did it."

“Don’t worry, it’s legal because YOU did it.”

The artists, who declined to offer their names due to the COMPLETE ILLEGALITY OF WHAT THEY DO, are concerned not necessarily with money, but with having control over the message of their work. Far be it from me to make assumptions, but I would guess that a bunch of vandals would probably be okay with the message of “drink beer.”

Although the message of "copyright law trumps enthusiasm" is completely lost on them

Although the message of “copyright law trumps enthusiasm” is completely lost on them

The collective has struck up a dialogue with the brewery, and has indicated a willingness on the brewery’s part toward cooperation, but so far nothing official has occurred. However, we can all agree on two things: sports are stupid and beer is awesome.

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