Frozen Dead Guy Days: It’s A Real Thing


We’ve all heard of the Burning Man festival that takes place every year in The Black Rock Desert, in Nevada, where thousands of people gather to express themselves through art, drugs, and some very strange costumes. But have you ever heard of the Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration that takes place in Nederland, Colorado?

What’s The Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration, you may be wondering?  Oh, it’s just a party that a small town in Colorado throws every year for a dead guy that was cryogenically frozen by his grandson.  To honor the human ice cube thousands of people flock to Nederland and compete in events like the coffin race, polar plunge, participate in a hearse parade and there’s even a frozen t-shirt contest.  It’s even slightly evolved into a music festival.

Perhaps something to add to your bucket list…?



Ig: Seriouslyiampatrick