Nice Job Canada



No, this did not come out of the tap at Planned Parenthood. This is actual tap water from a home in Alberta, Canada.  Earlier this week thousands of people were stunned to find that their drinking water looked as though it had been soaked in a fluorescent pink urinal cake over night.

Canadian officials claim that the water is completely safe to drink, although if you have sensitive skin there may some irritation from direct contact.  That sounds safe.

The cause was later credited to a compound called potassium permanganate that is used in water treatment for the controlling of taste, color, odor, and prevention of bacterial growth.  When not properly filtered the result is akin to something that looks as though Barbie has donated blood.  And, yes, we use potassium permanganate here in the U.S. as well.  However, it is usually properly filtered.  Unless you live in Flint, Michigan.  Then this probably looks pretty appealing.

Actual Flint, Michigan tap water.

Actual Flint, Michigan tap water.

The water lines in Alberta were officially flushed as of Tuesday but residual effects are expected to linger until homes and local businesses can properly clear their pipes and water tanks.




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