Eating Termites: Coyote Peterson vs Baby Tamandua


Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness is so good at trying everything in the wild. From getting bitten by dangerous and venomous insects to eating animal food to explore why they like him, Coyote is indeed brave enough to try them without any hesitation. In this video, he walks into the woods with a baby Tamandua to get him something to eat for the breakfast.

As just like Anteaters, Tamandua too like eating ants and termites, Coyote took him to a termite mount on a tree. But Peterson couldn’t just stay and watch him eat all the termites, in order to explore why Tamanduas likes termites so much, he himself tried the taste of it by licking out tongue full of termites from the tree. Although it may seem gross, it’s something that you’ll love watching.

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