Terrific Video Showing Hall Roof Falling During Floorball Game

Most of you might have played football and other games in the hall, didn’t you? However, did you ever thought what would be like if that hall roof fell down while during your game? Accidents come unannounced and are unpredictable.

That’s what really happened here in Ceska Trebova, where this hall roof fell during a serious floorball game. But fortunately, this terrific accident started happening slow and began from one end.

This gave the players and other people enough time to escape the hall and save themselves. By any means, if this incident was sudden, then there might have been lot loss of lives. However, these people were really lucky to get their life back from a near-death experience.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLffhrkNd04&w=560&h=315]