This DIY Balloon Diffuser Can Save Upto $900 For Photographers


People love flash cameras, don’t you? Even I own one, but too much of anything is not good. A couple of months back, I was in a situation where I needed light for my shot, but my camera flash makes the shot looks really worse.

Although I looked to find some solution for that, sadly I couldn’t find any easy quick fix for it. But when I watched this video, it made me dump. This hardly one-minute DIY video can literally save you $900 if you’re really into photography, studio lighting setup etc.

The guy here is showing a completely easy as well as an efficient fix for people who’re suffering from issues like me. If you’re someone looking for diffusers, soft boxes or other camera light diffuser to make your portrait photography looks professional, then this video showing DIY diffuser would be the right one for you to watch today.

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