Whoville-themed parade float burnt to a crisp by a careless Grinch



Every year in Huntsville, when holidays are near
The locals gather on the street to spread some Christmas cheer.
They dress their cars in decorations and drive them down the street
While dancers dance and singers sing and marchers stomp their feet.

But this year as a Seuss-themed float drove to the parade
An evil person flicked a butt, and a fire was made
The cherry end of the smoke landed in some straw
And the float burned to the ground, with onlookers in awe


We saw a panicked Santa go running from the flames
Said multiple bystanders, who didn’t report names
But help came quick in the form of emergency callers
Who also launched a GoFundMe, to help recoup the dollars

The grinch who started the fiery blaze has not yet been caught
But when he is, he’d better bet that justice will be sought
Cuffed, charged, mocked and marched downtown to the hole
Where no one would even touch him with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole.

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