The 11 Worst Possible Occasions to Dab




Celebrations take on many forms and the range is seemingly endless.  You can clap, cheer, high five, bear hug a total stranger, jump up and down until you puke up that six dollar hot dog.  Or you can dab.


Dabbing has shown up everywhere from our favorite sporting events to random news broadcasts.  But is it always relevant?  Usually the answer to that question is yes.  But here are a whole bunch of no’s”¦, The 11 worst possible occasions to dab.


At your Grandmother’s funeral.


Photo credit: The AV Club


Gam-gam may have hooked you up in the will but this is not the time to celebrate.


Walking out of Planned Parenthood


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Hooray!  The vacuum worked!  But save the victory dance for the privacy of your own home.


In front of an amputee.


Photo credit: Zombomeme


Seriously, that’s just offensive.


At a crime scene.


Photo credit: Crime and Science Radio


Who knows if they caught the shooter?  No need to temp fate.


While ending a relationship.


Photo credit: DateDialogue


Fact: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


After clearing a TSA pat down.


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Celebrated too early.  You know where that gloved hand is going now, right?


During a job interview.


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Hope you like living in your parent’s basement.


When the doctor tells you it’s cancer.


Photo credit: The Every Three Weekly


Smart money is on a brain tumor.


After being told that you’re adopted.


Photo credit: The Irish Times


Unless your family sucks.  In that case go nuts.


While spotting for your friend at the gym.


Photo credit: The Daily Mail


Congratulations!  He’s dead.

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