Watch Coyote With a Rare Mole Cricket


If you got to see any new and weird animal at your locality don’t feel surprised, because the earth is a place where there are more than 8 million species. And just because you have seen many animals in your life doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. An average human might have seen only 1000 species in his whole life and it’s just 0.0125% of the total species.

I said these things because today in this video you’re gonna see a rare mole cricket by Coyote of Brave Wilderness. The insect itself is called so because it has the front portion looking just like a mole and from the back it’s similar to that of a normal cricket.

Not just physically but this insect can also dig like a mole and make sounds like a cricket. I’m pretty sure that you’re will also get surprised like me by seeing this rare insect. However, I’m thankful to Coyote for bringing me some amazing and unseen animal shows that I can watch from home sitting on my couch.

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