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Send Nudes Is The Latest Internet Buzz


In case you’ve missed it, the latest internet buzz is the “Send Nudes” craze. The idea is creative folks Snapchat videos of everyday activities and then, BAM! Out of nowhere, written in things from food to beer cans are the two amazing words, “Send Nudes.” We all know chicks love creative, thoughtful guys so this has to be a major hit! We’re putting the success rate of actually receiving nudes at at least 20%. You can thank us later for bringing this to your attention. To illustrate, here are the 7 best videos out there to date.


1. The Driving Range

Damn it, I have to pick up all these golf balls. #EWU #college (Submission by @ewiecking)

A post shared by NowThatsCollege (@nowthatscollege) on

Who would have expected that?

via (NowThatsCollege)

2. The Cute Puppy

Happy Friday from NC State #college πŸ“Έ @Qsanders101

A post shared by NowThatsCollege (@nowthatscollege) on

We all know chicks love dogs, and we’re pretty sure they would have to be insane to turn this one down.

via (NowThatsCollege)

3. The Library

Points for style and creativity, but peep this dude's thumb. #shootersshoot #TFM

A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

So innocent you could send it to your Mother. And then, BAM!

via (TotalFratMove)

4. Insane Accuracy

Shooters shoot (darts). #TFM

A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

He actually put holes in his wall… Dedicated!

via (TotalFratMove)

5. Fortunes Looking Good

"My fortune says, "You will see something great in the near future." What does yours say?" #TFM

A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

The Future is looking good!

via (TotalFratMove)

6. Salty

Whoops. #ShootersShoot #TFM

A post shared by TFM (@totalfratmove) on

The things a man will do for a good meal.


7. Its a Family Affair

Ughh I hate when they play with their foodπŸ™„ #shootersshoot

A post shared by Tyler Potts (@tylerrpotts) on

Mom is going to love this one!


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