Angry Hippo Attacks Car In Kruger National Park


Do you know how dangerous a Hippo is? When he’s angry, it can be worse than a beast and you shouldn’t be anywhere near it. But unfortunately, an angry Hippo turned the Black Friday to a real dark black for this man and his car. A 26 y/o welding inspector Wikus Ceronie was that man who got his truck bumped by a giant angry hippo.

As he states, he was in his happy journey back to his home in South Africa, when he met with this Hippo while crossing the border from Kruger National Park.

In excitement, as he started to roll the footage in his mobile phone thinking the Hippo would be human-friendly, all he could remember the next second was the hippo banging at his front bonnet. Although he was happy that the attack wasn’t brutal enough to harm him, he had to suffer from a broken car at the end of the day.

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