Japanese Theme Park in Trouble for Frozen Fish Exhibit



A space-themed amusement park in Kitakyushu City, Japan has come under fire for a recently launched attraction in which sea creatures are frozen into the surface of an ice rink. Patrons are invited to learn about sea life while skating over their frozen corpses, presumably to learn about space or something.

The initial pushback came when the park’s website displayed a photo of a frozen specimen with a caption stating “I’m d..d…drowning…It h…h..hurts…” Many felt that the photo was indicative of animal cruelty, and urged the park to shut the exhibit down. Afterwards, many of the complainers likely went to a restaurant where you can eat live sea creatures because it’s Japan and they do weird shit over there, like hosting an aquatic exhibit at a space-themed park.



The brains behind Space World have refuted allegations that live animals were used for the exhibit, claiming that all of the specimens were already dead at the time of purchase. Furthermore, the owners of the fish markets from which the animals were obtained were made fully aware of the exhibit, and only provided fish which were deemed unfit for consumption. Deemed fit for consumption: Shark fin soup, dolphin blood soup, and a creepy dish where an uncooked squid is placed atop a bowl of ramen and made to dance by some strange chemical reaction involving soy sauce.

Since you probably watched the horrifying video, here's a rabbit with his head in a cup to make it all better.

Since you probably watched that horrifying video, here’s a rabbit with his head in a cup to make it all better.

Space World does not plan to shut down the ice rink, but does admit that the “drowning” caption was in poor taste. They also admit that instances where the fish became exposed as the ice melted were a result of poor planning. Anyhow, they invite critics to come see the magic for themselves, with the assurance that once the haters are gliding like angels over corpses of myriad sea creatures, they will learn a lot about space or something. Did I mention that Japanese culture includes the eating of live animals? Well if I didn’t, I’ll say this: sometimes, in Japan, people eat live animals.

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