E-Cigs Exploding in Pockets of Idiots Nationwide


Okay look, we like vaping — anything that might help people quit fucking smoking is alright with us. And we’re certainly not gonna be one of those douchey hater sites that put vapers on tilt for trying something new.

(Remember, the first guy who rolled tobacco and inhaled looked pretty stupid, too.)

e-cigs exploding

But as long as video of e-cigs exploding keep popping up, we’re gonna keep covering it, so people remember to USE THESE FUCKING DEVICES CORRECTLY.

If you have two high-powered batteries in your pocket, move your keys. If the device is rattly or loose, don’t fire it. And for fuck’s sake, if your batteries look like they spent an evening with Ray Rice, buy some new ones.

E-cigs are like any other technology. If you use them correctly, you have a good alternative to smoking. If you treat them badly, that quality, lowest-bidder Chinese craftsmanship is going to burn you. In this video, we get more evidence of why e-cigs exploding shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Vape on, as long as you have a clue, kids.

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