Skydiver Recovers Shoe Mid-Air, Immediately Tries to Date Taylor Swift


Okay, maybe he’s not that ballsy. But most of us have shit luck. Because of that, most of us wouldn’t go skydiving. But, out there in the wild, there are some fucking lucky people … like this guy. It’s a story as old as time: Skydiver loses shoe. Skydiver recovers shoe. Skydiver films it like a boss.

skydiver recovers shoe

If our shoes fell off while skydiving, we’d wish them well and get back to worrying about avoiding radio towers. But not this guy. No, he’s already recording this controlled suicide dive, so he figures “why not steer this thing back and forth to get my New Balances back?”

After some nifty maneuvering, he still seems to be far from recovering the cross trainer. Then, he pulls some Harry Potter shit and BOOM, the shoe comes flying into his waiting hands. Skydiver recovers shoe. End scene.

For his next trick, he should try avoiding that highway to the left…

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