Half-Naked Girls DESTROYED by Ghost Pepper Challenge, Need Oxygen


Two girls decided to strip down to their bras and take the now-viral ghost pepper challenge. Just your typical afternoon activity, right? Wrong. These girls are stupid. You’ll soon see why.


We endured the cinnamon challenge, which caused dumb people to choke on camera. But that dusty shit ain’t got NOTHIN’ on these fiery babes.

This video shows some serious, medical-grade pain. No tall glasses of milk here. No Tums at the ready. This is nature saying, beyond the shadow of a fucking doubt, DO NOT EAT THIS SHIT. IT WILL BURN YOUR TENDER ASSHOLES UNTIL MEDICAID KICKS IN.

It gets even better toward the end, when the girls’ eyeliner begins to run down their faces like a low-budget blowjob video. Then, they need some — get this — pure oxygen, just to get their breathing back to reasonable levels.

From a pepper.

Folks, let’s have some real talk. If a food in question is presented as part of a challenge, it’s probably not a good idea to eat it. If the food in question is measured on a goddamn heat scale, definitely do not eat it.

If the game is called “the deadly ghost pepper challenge,” again, DO NOT FUCKING EAT IT.

These girls are cute, but it’s clear their deal with devil didn’t include brains. So, let’s take this opportunity to laugh while they writhe in pain, crying black tears of regret. It’s not like nature didn’t warn you.

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