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Thug Life Grandma Wants to Smoke Weed, Bone Married Men


A video of a true Thug Life Grandma has been making the rounds, with her ranting and raving about her former drug habits, and how she wants to nail someone’s husband.

thug life grandma

The elderly wannabe whore was caught on camera as she stood in the middle of a room with her walker. She makes a point of telling the cameraman about her love of marijuana, and her desire to fuck a married man.

We like her style.

In her finest southern accent, the woman says, “Yeah I smoked the marijuana whenever I was at school. I came here to fuck somebody’s husband.”

Thug Life Grandma later adds: “I’m savage. Gangster! I’m a gangster. You better recognize. I don’t play. I need a motherfucking cigarette.”

We don’t know what prompted this outburst, but we have to appreciate the cameraman’s ability to get the most from his performers.

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