Protect Your Balls! 16 All-New Golf Fails


Like our heroes in Steel Panther like to say, people want to live “just like Tiger Woods.” The only problem is that golf is a tough game, for skilled people. In other words, not everyone should play. But the good thing is that this gives us a ton of good golf fails.

Sure, maybe it’s hack — golf clips have existed since Bob Saget graced our living rooms in “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” But there’s a reason so many people have these fails — golf is difficult to master, and really easy to screw up.

That means nut shots, broken windows, cracks in the head and golf cart stupidity. Just the kinds of things that keep the lights on at Regretful Morning headquarters.

So, fire up some Steel Panther on Spotify, and enjoy this gallery of golf fails.

Golf Fails 01

Golf Fails 02

Golf Fails 03

Golf Fails 03

Golf Fails 04

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