15 Olympic Fails for the Also-Ran in All of Us


After four years of waiting, a shit ton of ads and marketing, and billions of dollars in spending, the Rio Olympics are coming to a close. And boy is it still having trouble. That’s why we are posting these Olympic fails.

From green water in the pools, to disgusting dorms for the athletes, to an American superstar being held up at gunpoint, the Rio Olympics will certainly go down as a memorable Summer Games.

But even with diving slips, gymnastic flops, and an early exit from women’s soccer, the Rio Games still don’t have the level of loserocity (yes, we made that word up) like the Olympic fails below.

(But we guarantee in four years we’ll have green water pics to share for all of you. Promise.)

Olympics Fails 01

Olympics Fails 02

Olympics Fails 03

Olympics Fails 04

Olympics Fails 05

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