Live from the Shitter: Pinching a Political Loaf


Dan Scully has a lot of deep thoughts. And most of them come during the most personal, private part of his day. So, we should be thankful that he takes these private moments and shares them with the public … farts and all. Welcome to the latest edition of Live from the Shitter.

live from the shitter, politics

(Yes, we know the video says “Thoughts from the Sh*tter” — that was an old name, and we’re not tech people, so please be patient.)

This week, a freshly shorn and shaven Scully is tackling some heavy shit. Partly from Trump/Clinton. Partly from Fiber One.

But as usual, he handles it with grace and a strange lack of wiping and good sanitary habits.


Dan can’t do this shit alone. If you have some ideas for future editions of Live from the Shitter, please share them on our Facebook page!

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