18 Extreme Face Piercings for People Who Needed More Hugs as a Child


We usually like to cover hot people here. Like girls in lingerie. Or babes with great asses. But every now and then we like to balance the beauty with a little real-world ugliness — like these people with extreme face piercings.

Okay, maybe we’re being a little judgmental. Lord knows we’re not the best looking people out there. But let’s get real – it takes some huge balls (and maybe a pervy uncle) to drive people to mangle their faces like this.

But then again, with faces likes ours, maybe we could all use some extreme face piercings to improve our luck at the bar.

I’m sure we missed a few — check out our Facebook page and share your own piercing pics.

weird face piercings 01

weird face piercings 02

weird face piercings 03

weird face piercings 04

weird face piercings 06

weird face piercings 12

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