Depth Perception: 28 Amazing 3D Tattoos


Everyone here at Regretful Morning has ink. But most of it is the “Shit, I wish they could cover this up” variety. Especially now that today’s artists specialize in 3D tattoos.

Some of today’s gun wielders are masters of depth, shadow and texture, making our dumbass tribal bands look worse by the day.

(Yes, we thought it was a good ideas to look like a South American headshrinker. Nice planning, boys…)

Modern tattoo artists have so much more to offer. Take a few hundred looks at the work in this gallery, and start planning a 3D tattoos, so you can finally have something other than a stupid fucking dreamcatcher on your calf.

3D tattoos

Ridiculous Lies 003

Ridiculous Lies 004

Ridiculous Lies 005

Ridiculous Lies 006

Ridiculous Lies 007

Ridiculous Lies 008

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