Naked Man at Waffle House Plays with Sausage


Next time you’re out for breakfast, pass on the extra sausage. Because when you order that, you get a naked man at Waffle House.

naked man at waffle house

Bashir Rasheed, 36, was arrested June 7 after he drove his BMW (!) to the location, got out of the car and tried to enter the restaurant with his junk in hand.

Shortly after, Rasheed began stroking his junk (a super sized meal, he argued) then pressed it up against the glass while people scarfed down some bad eggs.

The best part is how one of the employees immediately called 911 to explain the situation, saying the following:

“This is the Waffle House. A gentleman just got out of his car and is naked standing in front of my door. He just peed on my door and now he’s walking inside.”

Customers — because this is the world we live in — didn’t move or leave. They started filming.

(That’s the kind of dedication that keeps us in business.)

Eventually, Rasheed realized people didn’t want to see a naked man at Waffle House, so he walked to his car and was arrested a short time later.

After being arrested, this MENSA candidate grabbed himself again and started to piss on the officers’ shoes.

The expert assessment was that Rasheed was not mentally competent. Somehow, we knew that already.


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