College Nap Fail Seems Fake, Internet Doesn’t Care


Just wait until this guy has to actually work. In case you haven’t seen it, this mid-lecture college nap fail is all over YouTube.

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We want to scream bullshit, but we’re usually too busy laughing at this dumbass to do it. Because IF this is real, it’s hilarious.

What’s not to like? The poor kid rolls off the table, hits the ground, wakes up and walks out of class, watching any hope of getting laid fly right out the door. Funny shit, right?

But how did the kid get there in the first place? Did he manage to sleep through multiple lectures? Was he there overnight?

How did the professor manage to miss all of this?

(Our theory — it’s fucking bullshit. Just another college kid prank designed to go viral, ruining the web for the real funny videos we strive for.)

But, here it is for your judgment. Let us know what YOU think.

The best part of the video, fake or not, is how quickly he gets up, grabs his pink backpack, and heads to the door like nothing happened.

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