Little League Parents Fistfight Ruins Childhoods in Under 30 Seconds


It’s never easy watching children grow up. It’s more difficult watching them do it because asshole parents decide to get into a big league fistfight during a little league game.

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Normally, we’re pretty heartless here at Regretful Morning. At least we’re not afraid to laugh at people fighting and making asses of themselves.

But we all feel pretty bad for the kids in this clip, simply because they have no idea why their parents are throwing rights instead of support.

Soon, they’ll have to cope with the realities of this:

  • “My dad is a drunk.”
  • “My dad also does this to Mom.”
  • “My dad is a pussy who can’t back up his own bullshit.”

It doesn’t matter — for all of the shit ruining this world that we can’t control, let’s try and not fuck up the stuff we can.

And for the kids in the video who just had their childhoods shattered by a fistfight, we feel ya, guys. Our dads weren’t much better.

[/end heartfelt rant. Back to tits and beer.]

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