Scam IRS Collectors Get Clowned Hard for Tax Day


By now, we’ve all heard of the scam IRS calls that happen this time of year. Typically, they involved some Indian guy (who usually goes by “Chad”) who claims you’re about to be arrested and/or sued by the IRS for tax liens.

scam irs

BUT, if you act within a half hour and get these guys gift cards or direct wire transfers, they’ll call off the dogs.

As we all know, the IRS doesn’t call you. Ever. They’ll mail the shit out of you, or even pay a personal visit. But they don’t call asking for Applebee’s gift cards, so relax. If they call, just hang up.

OR, you can do like the guys in the video, and give the scam IRS callers a taste of their own goat-humping medicine.

Tax Day is Monday. Punk the Bitch Day is everyday. As seen below.

(Extra points go to the clown on the phone who claims his sister is a camel. It’ll make sense in a few minutes…)

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