32 Epic Sports Fails to Kick Off Your Weekend


Sports entertain us on so many levels. Some like the heroics. Some like the competition. Us? We like watching these overpaid douchestraws commit humiliating, degrading, epic sports fails.

Hey, at least we’re honest. We like sports just fine (some of us take them a little TOO seriously), but once you realize they don’t care if we cheer or boo, as long as they get paid, it’s a lot easier to watch them eat shit with a face full of turf.

Maybe we’re jealous. Who knows… But we do know that this gallery of sports fails is funny, no matter who you root for.

Epic Sports Fails 01

Epic Sports Fails 02

Epic Sports Fails 03

Epic Sports Fails 04

Epic Sports Fails 05

Epic Sports Fails 06

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