Too Calderone Twerks His Way to Internet Stardom


We haven’t talked about twerking in a while. Too Calderone is out to change that, reaching millions of people across the world in the last week alone. But how did he reach that many people while looking like a punchline? Just watch.

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The not-so-tiny dancer from Thailand filmed himself grinding to Rihanna’s “Work,” wearing a mini-skirt, crop top and duck lips.

Due to his strange talent and willingness to flash his man tits, Calderone is becoming the next Asian sensation on YouTube. Since posting the video below, he’s amassed a ton of likes and followers throughout social media.

Despite the Internet being a haven for assholes, the majority of the video’s comments are positive, with one saying, “Check out this sexy dancer,” while another said, “I wish I could shake it like that.”

There’s no accounting for taste.

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