Competitive Eater Eats 200 Peeps in 14 Minutes


Matt “Megatoad” Stonie, a competitive eater and YouTube celebrity, posted a video that shows him downing 200 Peeps in a little more than 14 minutes, twice the previous record.

(A record HE set, mind you. No one else is trying this anywhere, because it’s really stupid.)

The stunt cost him 5,600 calories worth of dignity, alongside 1,360 grams of sugar, and the unenviable shame of eating 200 revolting sugar birds.

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Though Stonie is a veteran of food challenges “” some of his past videos include eating a five-pound burrito and 182 slices of bacon “” the nasty birds proved to be more problematic, causing our hero to gag like a freshman prisoner more than once.

Although he managed to eat all 200 Peeps, beating his last record of 100, homeboy seemed pissed about the time it took him to finish … when he wasn’t fighting off the urge to vomit.

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