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Superman Himself Proves That Glasses are a Sufficient Disguise



Henry Cavill aka “The Best Superman we’ve ever had, so suck my dick, Man of Steel-haters,” was tired of the criticism that Clark Kent’s glasses are an insufficient disguise, and decided to perform a social experiment regarding secret identities and the art of hiding in plain sight.

"Just a few small touches and I'm off to the Daily Planet!"

“Just a few small touches and I’m off to the Daily Planet!”

Cavill hung out in Times Square while wearing a Superman shirt and claims that not a single person recognized him. No, he wasn’t wearing glasses, but he is currently featured on multiple gigantic advertisements in Times Square, in which he is also wearing a Superman shirt (and cape, and uniform), and no one batted an eye.

Least of all, Batman, who has no eyes.

Least of all, Batman, who has no eyes.

According to Cavill, he was approached twice: once for directions to Grand Central Station, and once to be told that photographs weren’t allowed in a certain area. Neither situation made any mention of Cavill’s celebrity or superhero status. Cavill posted a video to his Instagram stating “Dear doubter, the glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman.”

Coming in 2018: Superman v Naked Cowboy

Coming in 2018: Superman v Naked Cowboy

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