Venom Man Lets Deadly Snakes Bite Him For Fun (and Science)


The next time you complain about your shitty job, shut up. You’ll never have a day as bad as Venom Man.

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Tim Friede, a researcher, houses a shit ton of the world’s most venomous snakes, and lets them bite him on a regular basis, to find out how these bites affect the human body.

Spoiler Alert: None of it ends well.

Hell, this little S&M hobby actually cost him his marriage, since he seemed more interested in getting bitten by reptiles than taking a bite of his ex.

But, this is all done in the name of science, and Friede’s research has definitely helped save countless people by the development of anti-venom, and the like.

There is currently no cure for being a masochist, though. Venom Man, we salute you. But we also think you’re a dumbass.

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