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Katt Williams can’t stop being a total dingus



Is it really news anymore when Katt Williams gets arrested? I mean it’s happened what, 25 times now? It’s starting to look like it might just be a bit, and much like Katt Williams’ other bits, it’s not that funny. Well, ok maybe it’s a little funny, what with Williams being so small and dressing exactly like Darkwing Duck.

Only Darkwing Duck is much funnier.

Only Darkwing Duck is much funnier.

The latest arrest occurred at a pool supply store in Gainesville, Georgia. Police responded to a call from an employee of the store claiming that Williams first threw a pair of goggles at him, and then came behind the counter and proceeded to punch him, presumably in the knees.

Artist's rendering of the moments before attack.

Artist’s rendering of the moments before attack.

To Williams’ credit, when the cops arrived he was already laying on the ground with his hands behind his back LIKE THE EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL HE IS. When asked what caused the alleged assault, Williams declined to offer a comment, instead suggesting that the authorities speak directly to the store employee.

This comes right on the heels of a public spat between Williams and fellow height-challenged comedian Kevin Hart. Williams referred to Hart as a puppet, suggesting that the latter’s massive success comes as a result of selling out to white America. Hart, always classy, indirectly responded by posting a photo to Instagram of himself alongside Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, citing that “true professionals” in the comedy industry stick together rather than tear each other down. He didn’t mention Williams but did suggest that detractors are “insecure.”

Sellouts, apparently.

Sellouts, apparently.

Williams fired back by publicly challenging Hart to a competition in any or all of the following events:¬†basketball, boxing, rapping, or comedy, with a $1,000,000 bet on the line for each. Of course the challenge comes with a caveat. Williams told Hart “don’t bring no white people with you then.” This is very likely due to Katt Williams being a talentless hack who can’t abide his own deeply rooted irrelevance.

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