“Full House” Reboot is Fuller Because of Jodie Sweetin’s Breasts


Sad news for adult fans of “Fuller House” — Jodie Sweetin’s breasts stay covered throughout season one of the Netflix reboot.

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How rude.

But make no mistake, little Stephanie Tanner has grown up — and out — considerably, making the show a surprise social media sensation.

Maybe this isn’t what show creators had in mind when they promised a more adult take on the TGIF classic. But there’s no such thing as bad press, especially for a show as critically DESTROYED as “Fuller House.”

And Twitter has exploded with comments about Aunt Mammary — um — Jodie Sweetin’s breasts.


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It’s unclear if Sweetin paid for these juggernauts with her meth money, but after nearly 15 years off the air, long time fans were rewarded with a happy ending we never saw in the original show’s finale.

In related news, Bob Saget and friends are no longer making pedophilic incest jokes about the Olsen Twins.

The first season of “Fuller House” can be seen on Netflix. The first look at naked Stephanie Tanner can be seen on bad Photoshops nationwide.

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