Python Chills in Power Outlet, Starts Fire


Again with the snakes! This time, a man living in Australia found a python hiding behind the power outlet, after noticing a lack of electricity.

But he certainly got a jolt.

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The incident occurred when the man found a power outlet in his home not working, with smoke coming through the socket whenever he tried to plug something in. While unplugging it to test, he found the reason — a long snake hiding inside the wall.

Wildlife rescue service was quickly called to the scene. The snake expert on the scene (I would imagine it’s a good, secure job down there) said the stuck snake was a carpet python.

Because the python was scared, it rolled tightly making it more difficult to extract from the snug wall space.

After being rescued, the python was brought to the zoo for treatment of electric shock injuries, before being released back into the environment, with a really cool story to tell its friends.

Carpet pythons are non-venomous, but they may grow to reach of up to 30 feet in length, which would probably knock out another outlet or two. It’s unclear how the animal found its way into the home, but pregnancy is always a concern.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just burn down the house and start over.

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