Homemade Credit Card WORKS! (for a few minutes, anyway)


It actually worked! A man’s homemade credit card is built from nothing but cardboard and VHS tape, and it frickin’ worked.

cardboard, credit card, VHS, fake, bogus, scam, debit card

(Until the authorities tracked him down a short time later for using a bogus number, but I digress…)

All the same, it’s impressive that this guy managed to build something like this, which is why we’re posting it. I think it’s pretty obvious that this guy is dry humping so many lines of legality.

All the same, we need to explain the following, because we know how you guys can be:

  1. Making a homemade credit card is extremely illegal. Don’t do it.
  2. Getting bogus credit card numbers is extremely illegal. Don’t do that, either.
  3. Regretful Morning is NOT responsible for anything that happens if you decide to be a dumbass like the guy in the video below.
  4. Seriously, don’t fucking do it.

Now that our lawyers are satisfied, here’s the info you seek.

If you want to know more about the guy in the clip, his current name is 403130 … though his new neighbors like to call him “Jenny.”

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