12 Early April Fools Pranks to Make You Fear Your Friends


At Regretful Morning headquarters, every day is like April Fools Day. Pranks, scares, drinks, assaults — it’s all par for a regular workday.

April Fools, prank, trick, gorilla mask, scare, airhorn

For the rest of the world, this type of behavior is relegated to one day a year — a day that’s fast approaching.

Best to be prepared.

Below are some of the better pranks we’ve seen in a while, and the reactions are suitably perfect.

(Especially the little kid, who seems to have more balls then the rest of the participants combined.)

Now, we expect you to record your own April Fools prank videos to make these guys seem like rank amateurs.

You have a little more than a month – consider the gauntlet thrown.

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